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Get To Know Me

Hello! I’m Jessica.  I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, but you might also call me a self-love encourager, a listening (like truly listening) ear, an advocate for vulnerability, and a holder of space for hope and healing.  I believe we require less fixing and more accepting – less perfectionism and more good-enough – less criticism and more self-compassion.

 In my practice, I support people who want to find more acceptance in who they are, but feel suffocated by self-criticism, doubt, sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, or fear.  Through integrative and evidence-based practices, I help clients create a space for more compassion for themselves, more capacity to feel the hard stuff, and more understanding of how to manage the stressors and impacts of our past, our environment, and our day-to-day life.

  I am the first to admit I do not have it all together.  I serve not as an expert or someone with all the answers, but as a collaborative guide who values and deeply respects who my clients are and the wisdom they already have within. 



My Approach

I bring my whole heart and authentic self to therapy. I see therapy as teamwork, and it is my goal to partner with you through your journey from start to finish. Equipped with compassion, care, and a sense of humor, I strive to create an empathic therapeutic relationship, where you feel supported, heard and empowered. Healing comes when we do the hard work to acknowledge, understand and own our stories--not run from them. I draw from several different schools of practice, but all of them have a central tenet of placing importance on our relationship: on connecting with you, creating safety for you, and allowing you to feel truly and deeply seen.

Other lenses and elements I integrate often:

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Self-compassion practices

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Attachment-based Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Trauma-Responsive Care

  • Person-Centered Therapy

  • Strength-based Therapy



MA in Mental Health Counseling
from Xavier University

BA in Early
Childhood Education
from Ohio University


Trauma Responsive Care Certification
Tristate Trauma Network- Level 2



What To Expect

I want you to know that you are not alone – that you matter, no matter what you may be going through.

 In my office you can show up exactly as you are: heartbroken, confused, numb, enraged, excited, grieving, anxious, lonely, depressed, hopeful…no matter what you are experiencing, it’s important for me to create a safe, comfortable and accepting space for you to feel it fully-- without judgement. 

 Our work together will be full of compassion, empathy and trust.  I’ll ask questions and sometimes hold space for silence.  We’ll laugh and possibly cry, we’ll feel uncomfortable at times and we’ll lean into it.  I’ll honor exactly where you are in the moment while gently encouraging you to go out of your comfort zone (when you are ready).  Through it all, I will meet you exactly where you are and support you in growing towards where you want to go.