Abide Counseling Services




Payment Options

I accept cash, check, credit card, or HSA for forms of payment.  Payment is due at time of service.

 I am considered an out-of-network provider.  Many insurance companies give out-of-network reimbursement for mental health services.  Check with your insurance provider to understand what reimbursement may be available.  I am happy to provide you a monthly superbill (itemized receipt of services) as needed.

Session Fees

$120 per individual therapy hour (50-minute session)
$150 per couple/family therapy hour (50-60 minute session)

Sliding Fee

I have a limited number of sliding-fee openings. These slots are made available to clients who may be experiencing financial hardship -- unemployment, underemployment. To inquire if I'm accepting new sliding-fee clients, please contact me.


Are there benefits in NOT using insurance?

Absolutely! There are multiple benefits for not utilizing your insurance and they are listed below.

Diagnosis: This is the biggest challenge when it comes to utilizing insurance. Insurance companies require a diagnosis for each client in order to cover the services. The issue with that is not everyone fits the criteria for a mental health disorder! We do not believe it to be ethical or right to provide a mental health diagnosis for someone who does not indeed fit the criteria. This causes a barrier to treatment. We want anyone to be able to seek counseling services.  

Confidentiality: This is often the most misconceived part of insurance plans. If you are utilizing insurance that is through your employer and they require a health care check they can find out if you are seeking mental health treatment. The diagnosis that is required to be provided to the insurance companies may also become a part of her permanent medical record. By not using your insurance you can avoid any hassle or concern of confidentiality.

Treatment timeline: Insurance often dictates the length of time in treatment with mental health services. Oftentimes this timeline is cut short and the healing and growth process is incomplete. If you do not utilize your insurance, you can remain in treatment as long as clinically appropriate.