Abide Counseling Services



Ways We Can Work Together

During our time together, you can develop more self-compassion and self-acceptance. You can gain clarity about what you want in life, rather than what you think you’re supposed to do. You can grow a deeper, more fulfilling connection to yourself and others. You can form more healthy thought patterns that support you in your growth. You can begin to let go of guilt and shame. You can learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, you can find more presence and meaning in life, allowing you to live more authentically, feel more joy, and experience more wholeness in spite of life’s challenges.


Individual Therapy

I support Individuals in gaining tools, clarity, and greater self-acceptance in order to move through life with more ease and meaning.

Some of the Issues I Support Individuals Through
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Feelings of overwhelm
· Life transitions
· Relationship challenges
· Self-worth and Self-value
· Moving through grief and loss
· Managing stress
· Family of Origin issues


Tween/Teen Therapy

I work with pre-teens & teens to access their strengths, navigate the harder parts of
being an adolescent and develop more self-compassion.

Some of the Issues I support Tween/Teens Through
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Relationship challenges
· Difficulty getting along with parents
· Managing school stressors
· Issues related to identity
· Self-worth and Self-value